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R15 points, info, and other fun stuff

Important Points

  • Register as a user on and eRA Commons

  • Visit the NIH R15 webpage
  • Read the R15 FOA PA-13-313
  • Follow the SF424 Application Guide (except where the PA-13-313 differs)
  • Download the actual SF424 Form C or create an online application using ASSIST. See also: Grant Application Package

    Remember to:

  • Submit by 5 PM on Due Date (following business day if due date is on a national holiday or weekend day)
  • IACUC protocol and approval (if appropriate)
  • Fill out any internal Grant and/or Budget routing forms (if necessary; varies by institution)
  • Generate a Budget:
    • Make a spreadsheet (include FICA, indirects etc.. and double and triple check math)
    • All values are entered for only Period 1 in the Form C budget section
    • If total budget <$250K: Qualifies as a Modular Budget and a detailed budget is not necessary
    • If total budget is >250K up to $300K: Must itemize in Form C budget section and include a Budget Justification)

    and it helps to:

  • Contact: NIH Program Officer (ask if you can email them Specific Aims page etc..)
  • Contact: Colleagues for reading your Specific Aims page and Research Strategy
  • Check for similar funded grants:
  • Review
  • Obtain Letters of support (optional)
  • Check NIH's Post Submission Policy

Required pages to be inserted into the Adobe SF424 Form C package you downloaded from (see above)

  • Bibliography and References
  • **UPDATE**New Format for Biosketch (see: NIH Notice)
  • Budget Justification
  • Cover Letter (optional; but critical if it is a resubmission)
  • Equipment (list of major equipment already available for project)
  • Facilities and Other Resources (with R15 Impact Statement, see below)
  • Letters of Support (optional)
  • Project Narrative
  • Project Summary
  • Research Strategy (12 pages)
  • Resource Sharing Plan (includes as needed: Data Sharing Plan, Model Organism Sharing Plan; GWAS Plan)
  • Specific Aims (1 Page)
  • Vertebrate Animals Section (VAS; if appropriate)
  • Introduction (1 Page): only if proposal is a resubmission
  • **note: Form C asks for a Current and Pending Support page, but it is not required unless grant is funded

Info regarding the Facilities and Other Resources component